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About Mazen Ghoukeh

Mazen Ghoukeh

In Sweden, His aim from the beginning is to be special in his field and to be unique in any company he worked for. He was graduated from Damascus University, Media Department. He worked at the digital media, and he became an editor for number of Arab news websites, and a General manager to number of them. Moreover, he built his own media website which talks about technology WWW.TIQANIAT.COM.
Mazen GhoukehHe did not stop at his university certificate, but he also worked continuously on developing his skills, and he began with designing advertisements field and then he had built websites, after that he became professional and he worked on designing the professional advertising videos for companies. He became professional in the electronic marketing field and the social media, as well as his experience in SEO field. He had many specialist certificates in the same field from different Arabian and international institutes.
He assigned a contract with one of the biggest communication companies in Africa and middle east which is MTN company and he fulfilled many opportunities which lately was a manager for its website and its accounts on the social media websites. He also worked after that as a Marketing Manager for investment electronic marketing companies in Saudi Arabia, as well as Tourism company.
He became professional in the training field and he gained a certificate from the Gulf Council for the Human Development in addition to a certificate from Oxford institute in Egypt and from many different institutes as a professional trainer in his field and he trained more than 3400 trainees through his work trip as a trainer in different specializations.
As a summary, if you are interested in adding a persistent employer, clever, creative, in addition to a multi experience employer who will save for any company a salary for 7 employers. So, you are actually searching for him.
If you have a regular job in designing advertisements field or your need for a flyer or huge advertisements boards or designing professional advertisements as videos which can achieve the raise of your company, or an announcing marketing for your company, or publishing a specific advertisement through Google or all the social media websites (Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Instagram – Google and the advertisements websites – YouTube …. etc.), or if you need to build a unique website for your company, or to make your company appear first in the google search and hence compete all other companies which work in your field or If you are interested in increasing the number of your followers on the social media websites, or to manage professionally your accounts through the social media, or to manage your website, so, this man will be able to offer you all these services. What about your opinion in employing only one employer serves to your company all these experiences and he still ambitious to learn more to serve it to you ?

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