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Mazen Ghoukeh's Resume

In Sweden, His aim from the beginning is to be special in his field and to be unique in any company he worked for. He was graduated from Damascus University, Media Department. He worked at the digital media, and he became an editor for number of Arab news websites, and a General manager to number of them. Moreover, he built his own media website which talks about technology WWW.TIQANIAT.COM.
He did not stop at his university certificate, but he also worked continuously on developing his skills, and he began with designing advertisements field and then he had built websites, after that he became professional and he worked on designing the professional advertising videos for companies. He became professional in the electronic marketing field and the social media, as well as his experience in SEO field. He had many specialist certificates in the same field from different Arabian and international institutes.
He assigned a contract with one of the biggest communication companies in Africa and middle east which is MTN company and he fulfilled many opportunities which lately was a manager for its website and its accounts on the social media websites. He also worked after that as a Marketing Manager for investment electronic marketing companies in Saudi Arabia, as well as Tourism company.
He became professional in the training field and he gained a certificate from the Gulf Council for the Human Development in addition to a certificate from Oxford institute in Egypt and from many different institutes as a professional trainer in his field and he trained more than 3400 trainees through his work trip as a trainer in different specializations.
As a summary, if you are interested in adding a persistent employer, clever, creative, in addition to a multi experience employer who will save for any company a salary for 7 employers. So, you are actually searching for him.
If you have a regular job in designing advertisements field or your need for a flyer or huge advertisements boards or designing professional advertisements as videos which can achieve the raise of your company, or an announcing marketing for your company, or publishing a specific advertisement through Google or all the social media websites (Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Instagram – Google and the advertisements websites – YouTube …. etc.), or if you need to build a unique website for your company, or to make your company appear first in the google search and hence compete all other companies which work in your field or If you are interested in increasing the number of your followers on the social media websites, or to manage professionally your accounts through the social media, or to manage your website, so, this man will be able to offer you all these services. What about your opinion in employing only one employer serves to your company all these experiences and he still ambitious to learn more to serve it to you ?











- Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns
- Facebook Ads.
- Google Adwords Ads.
- Twitter Ads.
- Youtube Ads.
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Create budgets for social media activities
- Recruit and manage the social media marketing staff
- Create and upload videos
- Training for stuff to reach the perfect usage and engagements while they are working on website and social media channels.
- Social Media Marketing - LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.
- Search Engine Advertising (SEA)/Pay Per Click (PPC) including Google AdWords
- Drive traffic to websites & Alexa Ranking globally - locally.
- Building company websites from scratch in coordination with designer and developer to provide the most efficient website structure.
- Optimizing landing pages & conversion rates through it.
- Meta tags optimization.
- Search results analysis
- Website Content Management.
- Email Marketing using Mailchimp.
- SMS marketing.
- Graphic design and front end management
- Online Advertising.
- Web Analytics (Google Analytics).


Managing ALNQD Capital Gate :



-Manager of MTN Syria’s official web site www.mtn.com.sy
- Supervision on all sites that related to company’s services.
- Supervision and follow-up with the website agency for all web site related issues from design to implementation and follow up all needed modifications.
- Provide suggestions& solutions for the website to increase the number of visitors.
- Supervision of the e-marketing service.
- Graphic designer of e-marketing campaigns.
- Managing MTN Syria page on the Facebook. www.facebook.com/MTNSY
- Managing for MTN Syria channel on Youtube.
- Managing for MTN Syria Page on Twitter.
- Coordination between all involved parties : customers, technical department and suppliers to enhance work process.
– Updating and making the needed and required modifications on the website.
- Design introductory video AD’s for MTN Syria Products and service, that are used in customer service centers.
- Design Flash AD’s for services, used on websites advertising.(web banners).


Responsible for the coordination with the Advertising Agency on the ongoing artworks, media plans designs and adaptations.

Duties and responsibilities:
• Follow, monitor, audit agency running tasks and to secure the lowest price.
• Participate in negotiation session with advertizing agency.
• Giving the agency feedbacks on each layout in order to reach a complete artwork and provide them with the needed approvals to complete tasks
• deliver the needs , requirements of the customer( requester ) “internally and externally”
• The exceptional part with the advertising agency "resizing and adaptation".
• Coordination with Media coordinator regarding all media issues.
• To do all the required graphic designs related to media plans, fixed panels, and web banners upon request.
• Brainstorming thinking creatively to produce new ideas
• Follow up, deliver on time, quality and accuracy.
• Timely and accurate report “for the fixed panels list, monthly campaign recap weekly status report for the running tasks “.
• Broadcast program named MTN Station on three Syrian stations:
* Being fully involved in MTN station content and program design
* Weekly follow up with the station team to enhance the good service
of the program
* Reasonable for the accurate brief of the service description
• Graphic works:
* The e-billing invoice services banner
* Being fully aware of MTN guide lines
* Doing all MTN graphic works upon request related to campaigns and media plans,
* Doing some of the designs of the fixed panels upon request.
* To do all the required graphic designs related to branding issues, media plans, fixed panels, and web banners upon request.


• Handling company’s requests of the advertising items with suppliers to get the best quality & offers.
• Prepare and follow up suppliers statements along with detailed cost and financial analysis for every project/activity.
• Prepare, follow up and evaluate the execution of BTL points.
• Coordinate with the brand agency "Leo Brunett" regarding the BTL artworks.
• Monthly reporting for all carried activities.
• Coordinate and follow up supplier contracts with legal and finance department.
• Good negotiation skills with the suppliers to get best competitive prices.
• Wide experience of all operating media agencies and printed panels suppliers in all Syrian cities.
• Following up and managing the installation of all kinds of internal and external media panels , road , wall panels …etc


Due to the well experience I had in customer care job details and procedures I was promoted to take the position of Customer Care Trainer in Customer Care division.

Duties and responsibilities:
• Prepare and manage the training plan for new customer care representatives.
• Giving a training sessions and workshops for existing customer care employees about new product and services.
• Follow up and evaluate the current service procedures and recommend a new solution that facilitates the work flow.
• Work and coordinate with the other divisions (Finance, Marketing, Technical...) To better understand and collect the needed data about new services and procedures.
• Answering customer care inquiries about our product or services.



The different between About Marketing and E-Marketing
How to use : Social Media networks and Youtube for E-Marketing
How to create a professional website via WordPress.


• Designing professional internet web pages.
• Designing professional advertisement.
• Designing web flash advertisement.
• Ability to give updated and creative media ideas.
• Wide experience in all kind of media AD’s, printable material, promotional items, prices and qualities.
• Good planning and management skills for exhibitions and forums
• Make PowerPoint, video, flash, presentations.


• General Manager for www.Tiqaniat.com the first technical news website in Syria




Online Advertising
Video Production
eMarketing & SEO Trainer
Google Adwords
Email Marketing
Websites Management
Online Journalism
Wordpress Trainer
Graphic Design
Website WordPress devloper
Professional Presenter
Digital Media Services
Facebook Advertising Service
Twitter Advertising Service
Instagram Advertising Service
Youtube Advertising Service